Things That You Should Consider While Buying Marble Tiles

Things That You Should Consider While Buying Marble Tiles

Natural stone is always in great demand. They are famous for their strength, durability and elegance. Marble stones have multiple uses, they are made into floor tiles, countertops, wall decorations, vases, bathtubs etc.

These natural stones are intricately crafted and deciphering their quality can be a difficult task. The cost of marble can vary depending on the quality, type, color, thickness and quantity. Some sellers often sell inferior marbles at a high price, while others sell good quality cheap marble tiles.

We have listed some features that you can review before purchasing marbles.

1. Strength:

Strength is the number one reason to buy marble tiles. Natural stones are naturally very resistant. Many marble companies are required to do a 3 kg ball drop test to check the strength of the marble. 

If the marble passes the test, its solidity is assured. Before purchasing cheap marble tiles from a company, it is advisable to research whether the marble has passed the test.

2. Texture:

It is not uncommon for people to buy marbles purely for their texture. Texture is the most attractive feature of a marble. For interior design, make sure the texture you choose complements the overall look of your home. 

The marbles have a high quality texture that often has a sheen to it. It is also important to set the mood, Italian marble has a more refined look than Indian marble which is known for being intricate and elegant.

3. Finishing:

Good quality cheap marble tiles are cut evenly by machines, do not flake at the ends and are carefully worked. Different types of marble stones are polished, flamed or brushed. Polished stones have a polished appearance and are often used for kitchen countertops, floor tiles and walls. 

Stones with a matte finish are great for floors, steps and doorways because they don’t reflect light. Flamed surface marble tiles have a rough and rigid texture that can be used many times.

4. Color:

It’s a very personal choice. Different marble stone colors represent different mood. White marble is used for a majestic look, black marble is known to exude masculinity, pink marble makes your home feel cozy and bright. Whatever color you choose, be sure it complements your home and enhances the general atmosphere. 

5. Porosity:

Marble tiles tend to be porous by nature. They absorb acidic liquids such as food liquids, chemicals, and other types of acid spills. In fact, even hard water can dissolve the luster of marble stones. 

Stones that break easily due to these substances are apparently not of high quality. To avoid this, the cheap marble tiles are coated with sealants, which help prevent acid reactions. 

6. Maintenance:

As mentioned above, opt for low porosity marble tiles. Although different types of marbles have different levels of maintenance, it is important to opt for well-sealed marbles as they do not require frequent maintenance. As an aside, it is advisable not to spill acidic liquids and stains on countertops.


Often people choose marbles without doing a lot of research. By necessity, we hope you can follow the steps above before making a purchase. It is also a good idea to read the average prices of the marble tiles in the sector. Finally, we strongly recommend that you do thorough research before investing in cheap marble tiles.

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