Why are Metal Carports a Good Choice for All Weather Conditions?

We live in a world full of crazy weather and wildly different climates. With every area having such unique circumstances, it’s hard to know what kind of building can stand strong in your location. Wildfires and tornadoes could easily destroy wooden buildings, and rigid stone doesn’t stand a chance in an earthquake. Is there a solution out there that works in every weather condition? There is! A metal building stands strong against high winds, heavy snows, wildfires, and even mild earthquakes. Steel structures are resistant to virtually any weather condition you’ll face in the United States.  

Why Choose a Metal Carport?

Ultimately, your goal is to protect your vehicle and make that investment last as long as possible. We completely understand that.

While there are numerous options out there for protecting your vehicles, a metal carport is the best option available. They are resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and creepy critters. These are benefits you won’t get from a wooden building. Not only that, but they’re also more cost efficient than wood now and in the long run. If you’re looking to save time and money, you’re looking for a metal carport.

  • Protects Your Vehicle from Acid Rain

Acid rain isn’t something we think about often, but it can have a big impact in areas with high pollution levels. Acid rain forms when certain chemicals are released into the atmosphere and mix with the water vapor in the air as it condenses. While these chemicals might not burn your skin or immediately corrode the surfaces they touch, they do have the power to eat through your vehicle’s paint and even weaken the metal over time. Cara with shiny finishes show acid rain damage more quickly than other objects, and repeated exposure not only damages your car’s resale value, but it damages your car’s structural integrity, too. That’s why it’s important to protect your car as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to purchase a premium metal carport. Our carports are made of high-quality steel that’s proven to withstand anything Mother Nature throws their way.    

  • Protects Your Vehicle from Hail

With hail ranging in size from as small as a pea to as large as a softball, it’s one of the most unpredictable and damaging weather phenomena across the world. Hail doesn’t have to be on the large end to do damage. After all, even tiny hailstones can crack windshields, scrape paint, damage hoods, and degrade the appearance and functionality of your car. 

Metal carports and sheds create a strong physical barrier between your car and the pummelling hail. These durable steel structures not only protect against hail, but also protect against the storms that hail often results from. Metal carports withstand high wind speeds and heavy rains thanks to strong vertical roofs and thick paneling gauges.

You may be wondering what you should do if the hail damages your metal carport’s roof. Damage seldomly occurs, but, if it does, reach out to your metal building specialist to get it repaired as soon as possible. You and your car’s wellbeing is our top priority.

  • Protects Your Car from Icy Perils

Falling trees and branches pose some of the most severe risks to vehicles parked outside. This risk increases whenever you experience severe winter weather. Winter precipitation, such as ice and snow, builds up on tree branches and power lines quickly, weighing them down and making them more likely to break and fall. That’s why ice storms are among the most deadly and expensive types of winter weather. 

A durable steel carport is the best way to protect your vehicle from falling debris in winter weather and during any time of the year. That’s because metal carports create a reliable physical barrier between your cars and falling perils. Not only that, but metal carport buildings give you a secure place to winter-proof your vehicles by adding tire chains and removing road salt residue.

  • Protects Your Car from Snow

Despite how soft and fluffy it may look, snow can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. Snow is heavy and it builds up fast. This pressure pushing down against your windshield could cause cracking or even denting if the snow is deep enough. Remember, snow can weigh up to 21 pounds per cubic foot; that’s a major strain on your vehicle.

As always, a metal carport is the best way to protect your vehicle. Our steel structures are certified to withstand heavy snow loads. No matter what your area’s load requirements may be, we can engineer a steel carport that will give you the exact support you need.

  • Protects Your Vehicle from Hurricanes

Hurricanes are incredibly destructive forces. High wind speeds, torrential rains, and flooding can cause all kinds of structural damage. It’s easy to see how damaging these forces can be for your vehicle. While there are no hurricane-proof structures, a durable steel garage or carport will provide the most protection for you and your vehicles. Their wind and precipitation resistance is what truly sets them apart from other structures. 

  • Protects Your Car from Rain

Heavy rain can be majorly devastating. It can lead to your vehicle sitting in pools of mud, or even flooded areas if the water is not drained correctly. Both of these scenarios would be terrible for your tires. Precipitation damage doesn’t stop there. Any water that gets inside your vehicle’s interior can cause mold or mildew to form, as well as ruin any electronic components inside the vehicle.

As always, the best way to avoid this is to install a rugged metal carport. These carports channel debris and precipitation off the roof with ease. This, combined with a good gutter system, is the best way to protect your vehicle from rain related damage.

  • Protects Your Car from Fire

While the steel used in metal carport construction will ultimately bend or melt when exposed to extremely high temperatures over extended periods of time, they are almost fireproof otherwise. This is because steel does not catch fire like wood, vinyl siding, and roofing do. Your carport will not only not hasten a fire’s progress through your property, but it will help stop it. This is a major advantage because any vehicle would be quickly destroyed by a fire.

  • Vehicle Protection That’s Entirely Your Own

The best way to keep your vehicles protected from anything they could possibly face is to store them in a strong metal carport. These buildings are rugged, durable, and beautiful. Not only that, but they are completely customizable, too. This means you can keep your vehicle protected and meet all your metal building needs at once. You can decide the color, paneling gauge, and style of your metal building.

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