Designer Advice for Chick and Small Places

Designer Advice for Chick and Small Places

Everyone knows that artists are rarely unilateral beings, but more eclectic mixtures of genius, exuberance and psychedelic imaginations. Thus, it comes as no surprise that most of yesterday’s and today’s artists perform in more than one artistic field, actively involving in singing and acting, or designing and painting. It is also the example of Roman Magnus Palatine IL, “a self-tailored man” who crossed the borders of fashion and also involved in interior art deco. Sticking true to his convictions that a fine-tailored garment can bring into prominence a rather dull personality, he expanded his vision towards home redecorations and interior designing.

Marked by his personal experience when he first opened his atelier in Illinois, Roman Magnus is now an expert of transforming even the smallest space into a true piece of art, vivid, eclectic and stylish, just like his own personality. Here are his tips for turning a dull and small space into a chic room:

  • Play with shapes and lengths, but not with colors. Unfortunately, the biggest problem that comes when dealing with a small space is the limited palette of colors used not to give the impression of cluster. Dark and strong colors are excluded from the start, leaving room only for earth tones at the very most. However, the easiest way to add space is to paint the room in neutral colors or even white. You can opt for beige or ivory tones for the walls, but remember that the ceiling must remain white under any costs.
  • Smart lighting choices are crucial for adding space to your small room. Add soft lighting in various corners of your room to give the impression of security, ambiance and space. Mirrors are also a great way to capture outdoor light and spread it in the entire room.
  • Create storage space under the bed. Another easy solution to get rid of the cluster feeling is to “hide” unnecessary but irreplaceable things under the bed. Another great tip for creating sufficient storage space is to buy baskets in different shapes and colors and place them near the bed or on your bottom book shelves.
  • Purchase sized furniture which will match your room’s dimension. For instance, if your bedroom is small, appeal to a custom-sized bed which will fit perfectly. King-sized beds are excluded because they would not leave room for other essential pieces of furniture such as desks or dressings.
  • Built-in dressings are the smartest way to use your space at its full, without having to give away items from your precious wardrobe.

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