Magnus’ Best Tips for Renting a House

Magnus’ Best Tips for Renting a House

Financial security is an asset not much of us currently possess, especially in these insecure times. The economic crisis has stroke especially the Middle American classes, who struggled for years to achieve enough money and buy their personal homes. Instead, they are now either in debt or simply had to postpone their dream of acquiring their own place to live.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans were left without the possibility of owning their houses, turning once again to rents or mortgages. Of course, real estate rentals doubled their offers and profits, by renting up to 40% more houses and apartments in 2012 than they did prior to the crisis. If you are too one of the many Americans who decided to change their luck into the big cities and require a place to live, here are the best rental advice, given by Roman Magnus Palatine IL:

  • Research. Prior to establishing your future home you must widely search through dozens of offers, prices and opportunities. Luckily, the real estate market currently offers smaller prices than the ones given prior to the crisis, so this must be the perfect time to rent a more spacious apartment for a convenient price.
  • Think of the most important features you are looking for in your new home. Price, accessibility to work, utilities and neighborhood are the most adequate criteria to base your researches. Roman Magnus from Palatine, IL, one of the best advisors in the real estate domain claims that you should also check for public transportation availability. If price is not among your differential criteria, it is best for you to rent a bigger space, close to your job/ school which also has access to stores, supermarkets and recreation grounds.
  • Hold on to your deposits. Most rental agents and landlords will require a warranty sum of money, usually the rent for one or two months in advance. You can use the sum when you require repairs or changes in your house, or you can use it to pay the last months of your staying. Nevertheless keep track of your deposits and, should the landlord insist of keeping the warranty, make sure you have exact receipts for everything you purchased or paid for from that sum of money.
  • Know your neighbors and your nearby area. Another important tip when choosing the perfect home for rent is to know something about your neighbors. Although you might not require contact with them, it is always better to know what type of persons they are and how they react to some of your personal habits.

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